City Clerk's Office

The City Clerk, Cathi A. Eredia is elected to a four year term and works with the Chief Deputy City Clerk/Records Manager, who is responsible for the day to day operations of the office.

The Office is entrusted with ensuring that the legislative process in the City of El Monte is both open and public as it relates to City election, City council meeting and commission gatherings.

The division has full responsibility for maintaining all ordinances, resolutions and other official City documents; conducting municipal election; administering oaths; maintaining the City of El Monte Municipal Code; and administering campaign disclosures of the economic interest.

CHIEF Deputy City Clerk / Records Manager

Griselda Contreras

Karina Casas

The City Clerks Office will accept claims, summons, complaints, petitions, election materials and other City related documents

City Clerks - Elections

As supervisor of municipal elections, the Office of the City Clerk is responsible for conducting and monitoring fair and impartial elections, ensuring that the will of the people is carried out. Employees of the City Clerk’s Office must, as a result, be held to the highest levels of integrity, confidentiality and non partisanship.