1. Comprehensive Zoning Code Update
  2. TIF Feasibility Study

What is the Zoning Code?

The City of El Monte is in the process of completing a comprehensive update of its Zoning Code. The Zoning Code outlines what uses can go in different areas of the City. In addition, it provides the rules residents, business owners and developers must follow when constructing new or adding onto existing housing units or commercial square footage. The Zoning Code also includes the zoning map, which is a visual illustration of El Monte’s various zoning districts (e.g. single-family, mixed-use and manufacturing). 

What are the update’s main goals?

The main goal of the update is to create a concise and user-friendly set of regulations that implements El Monte’s General Plan (the long range document that outline’s the City’s vision for future growth). Other key objectives include the following:

    Streamline the review process where appropriate; 

    Incorporate feedback gathered by residents, property owners and business persons;

    Consolidate zoning districts that allow most of the same uses and have very similar development standards.

    Protect residential neighborhoods and other sensitive uses from impacts such as traffic and noise; and

    Comply with State and federal requirements and current case law.

Community Outreach

Public outreach was conducted by City staff from March 2021 through July 2021 as part of the General Plan Housing Element Update. A large amount of that feedback can also be used for the Zoning Code Update (e.g. stakeholder interviews, community survey results, community workshops, outreach to religious institutions, etc.). Staff also proposes a separate outreach plan for this Update. This includes a community survey for people who live, operate a business, own property, develop projects and/or work in El Monte. Staff plans to meet with businesses and host a community workshop for residents. Staff also plans to have additional Planning Commission Study Sessions and meetings with the Development Ad Hoc Committee.

How can I provide input?

We want your feedback! This can be done by completing an online survey and participating in a virtual community meeting. People can also email their comments to

Take the online survey: 

Participate in the Virtual Community Meeting:

On Wednesday, October 20, 2021 at 7:00 PM

Use the link below or call in:

Virtual Community Meeting Link 


Meeting ID: 830 9289 7185

Telephone No.: (253) 215-8782

Additional Information:

City Council Meetings

Planning Commission Meetings

Community Outreach

  • Chamber Board Meeting (9/30/21)
  • Community Meeting (10/20/21)
    • Video/recording
    • Presentation

Draft Zoning Code Sections and Maps