The mission of the El Monte Police Department Jail is to provide a safe and well-maintained atmosphere and also provide for the care and custody of those incarcerated. We strive to be firm, but fair to all those housed here as well as complying with state and federal regulations.

Department Equipment

We use state-of-the-art equipment to accurately identify prisoners in our custody. We work with both county and local agency jails in the housing and transferring of prisoners. We transfer prearraigned prisoners to the local courthouse in the mornings. We also work with state agencies in the booking and handling of prisoners that are currently on parole.

Releasing Prisoners

Also, when a prisoner who is arrested for a misdemeanor offense has met every legal requirement in order to be released, he/she will be released in a prompt and timely manner. Every jailer has received state-mandated training in order to maintain a safe and secure jail.

Visit Document

Please view our Jail Visitation Policies below