The Training and Recruitment Unit's primary responsibility is to ensure that all employees, both sworn and civilian, are trained to the mandated requirements as set forth by federal, state and local laws. To meet these requirements, the Training Unit must schedule personnel to attend training classes throughout the State of California as well as host in-house training using departmental certified instructors.

In addition, the Training Unit is also responsible for the recruitment and testing of all new employees. This Unit also oversees the hiring process of all new employees, which includes an extensive background screening process. Upon successful appointment to a position within the Police Department, the Training Unit oversees the initial training of the employee(s) to ensure that they meet the minimum standards required for their job classification.

Maintaining Training Materials

The Training Unit also maintains an extensive database of training videos, books, magazines, DVDs, CD-ROM training, and various other instructional material related to law enforcement.

Recruit Academy Training