Traffic Safety Bureau

The El Monte Police Department Traffic Safety Bureau consists of two motor officers, four parking enforcement officers, and one sergeant.

The Traffic Safety Unit is committed to the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians within the City of El Monte. The method used to deliver this level of service includes neighborhood traffic education, engineering, and enforcement.


Our enforcement activities include but are not limited to protecting our pedestrians and bicyclists, monitoring speed and turning violations. Speed and turning violations are a major cause of traffic accidents in the City of El Monte.


Our motor officers use laser and radar equipment to monitor speed violations. These tools have been proven to be extremely reliable and accurate.

Unlicensed Drivers

Unlicensed drivers are one of the main factors for hit and run traffic accidents in the City of El Monte. The Police Department Traffic Bureau places special emphasis on unlicensed drivers and is committed to reducing the hit and run traffic accidents in our City.

Driving Under the Influence DUI Safety Checkpoints

Our Traffic Safety Bureau routinely conducts DUI and safety checkpoints within the City of El Monte. DUI checkpoints have been proven to be the best form of advertising while encouraging drivers not to drink and drive.

Parking Enforcement Unit

Our Parking Enforcement Unit works Monday through Friday enforcing various parking violations. Parking Enforcement Officers frequently assist our motor officers during DUI checkpoints and traffic accident investigation.

Parking Enforcement Officers are also assigned to direct traffic near schools to ensure our children's safety while walking or bike to school.

Reminders from the Police

Please remember that driving is a privilege and we must be respectful of other drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Speed and turning movements are a major cause of traffic collisions in the City of El Monte. Please be attentive to your driving and always keep a safe distance from the car in front of you.