Landscape Standards


The Planning Division oversees the preservation of trees and installation of landscaping for private developments. In addition, new or replaced landscaping for projects may require compliance with the State's Model Water Efficiency Landscape Ordinance (MWELO). The City also adopted an Urban Agricultural Initiative to establish sustainable food production policies through zoning standards and other methods.

Tree Preservation Ordinance

The purpose of the City's Tree Protection and Preservation Ordinance is to protect the City's heritage and other mature trees from unnecessary removal or harm. The removal of any protected tree requires City review and approval.

Water Efficiency Landscape Ordinance (WELO)

In December 2015, the Governor authorized the State Water Resource Control Board to update state-wide water conservation regulations. To comply with State requirements, the City updated its Ordinance in 2016. All new landscape projects and some rehabilitated projects are subject to the Ordinance, which calls for more efficient irrigation systems, onsite storm water capture and limiting the use of turf.

Urban Agriculture Initiative

The State of California Growth Council (CGC) provided funds for the City to establish a pilot program that would result in the development of sustainable food production policies. Key topics addressed include food security, access to healthy food and the facilitation of public and private gardens.