Public Works

Mission Statement

The Public Works Department provides and maintains the City of El Monte's physical and environmental infrastructure systems and provides plan review and inspection for private building projects. We are dedicated to providing safe, functional and sustainable infrastructure systems that improve the quality of life for the residents, businesses and visitors of the City of El Monte in a responsive and cost effective manner and in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. Our services cover streets, streetlights and traffic signals, the urban forest, sidewalks and pathways, parks, sewers and storm drains, the drinking water system, public buildings, solid waste collection, the City's public transportation services, and capital project delivery.

Department Operations

The Public Works Department is comprised of six principal operating divisions: Engineering, Environmental Services, Public Works Maintenance, Transportation Services and Utilities.

Environmental Services

The Environmental Services Division manages solid waste collection, hazardous waste collection, and recycling services provided to the residents and businesses of the City of El Monte. This includes contract management for the private service providers contracted by the city to provide these services, management of a variety of waste and recycling grant programs, and providing special outreach and educational programs relating to solid waste and recycling.


The Engineering Division manages the design and construction of all capital improvement projects for the City’s public infrastructure systems and public buildings/facilities; prepares technical studies/reports; regulates construction activities within the public right-of-way by private entities and utility companies; and maintains infrastructure records. The Engineering Division also works closely with the Community Development Department and Building Division to perform plan review and inspection services of tract/parcel maps for subdivisions and grading and drainage improvements on private property; provides technical support to the Public Works Maintenance Division; and works with neighboring cities and regional agencies whose policies and projects affect the City of El Monte.

Public Works Maintenance

The Public Works Maintenance Division operates and maintains the City’s public infrastructure systems and facilities including streets and medians, streetlights and traffic signals, the urban forest, sidewalks and pathways, parks, public buildings, bus stops and shelters, and maintains the hazardous waste collection storage facility. Public Works maintenance crews also help set up and clean up for city-sponsored special and holiday events throughout the year such as the Summer Concerts in the Park, Holiday House, Children’s Day Parade, press conferences, etc.


The Transportation Services Division manages and operates a variety of public transportation programs serving El Monte’s residents and visitors. This includes five El Monte Transit routes, transportation for youth and senior services and events, a Dial-a-Ride program for senior and disabled residents, and a Commuter Shuttle services linking some of the regional transportation services provided by MTA and Metrolink within the city. The division also provides subsidized bus passes for El Monte residents and coordinates services with regional transit providers, and maintains the city’s transportation vehicle fleet.

Utilities Division


The City Water Division currently owns and operates a water system which encompasses the central business district and parts of the northwestern and southern portions of the City. There are approximately 3,460 active services which serve approximately 22,700 businesses and households. Currently there are six deep wells, one 1,000,000 gallon reservoir and a 200,000 gallon elevated tank utilized to serve this water supply. Revenue to support the Water Fund is exclusively from the sale of water. This Water Division crew monitors the system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Standby crews respond to emergencies on weekends, holidays and after hours.


The City Sewer Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of 8 sewage lift stations, 125 miles of mainline sewer pipeline and 2,687 manholes. This Division utilizes equipment (Vactor 2100 Jet Rodder truck) for cleaning the system’s main lines, as well as a new state of the art camera truck (Cues Industries) to assist with the video inspection and recording of the structural integrity of the mainlines. This Sewer Division crew monitors the system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Standby crews respond to emergencies on weekends, holidays and after hours.