CRV Redemption Centers

Recycle glass, plastic, and aluminum beverage containers at any of the redemption centers listed below. Redemption centers pay $0.05 for most containers less than 24 ounce, and $0.10 for containers equal to 24 ounce or greater. Qualifying beverage containers include water bottles, soda cans, juice bottles, and sport drink bottles.

Aras Recycling
Ed's Liquor & Market
4203 Tyler Avenue
El Monte, CA 91731

Greenhouse Recycling
Carlton's Market
11944 Ramona Boulevard
El Monte, CA 91732

Gina's Recycling Center
Payless Foods
4840 Peck Road
El Monte, CA 91732

SA Recycling
12301 East Valley Boulevard
El Monte, CA 91732

For further information, or for redemption centers in other areas, please call 800-RECYCLE (800-732-9253). You may also visit Cal Recycle.

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