Smart Business Recycling

Statistics show that businesses typically generate approximately 70% of our overall waste stream statewide, while residents generate the remaining 30%. During this time of decreasing landfill capacity, and diminishing natural resources, it has become ever important for businesses to reduce the amount of waste they create. Waste reduction can be achieved through smart purchasing, recycling, and reuse. Reducing unnecessary waste through such practices can help any business operate more efficiently and more profitably.

For more information on waste reduction practices for your business, please visit the County of Los Angeles Smart Business Recycling. The site is designed to help businesses reduce the amount of trash they generate and ultimately send to landfills. The site includes a variety of tools including a database of over 300 recyclers, industry specific tips for reducing waste, materials exchange programs, market development loan programs, case studies, and additional web resources.

For more information on the County of Los Angeles Smart Business Recycling program, please call 888-CLEAN LA (888-253-2652).