Ongoing Projects

Economic Development Studies


To help implement the vision for a sustainable, transit-oriented future, SCAG is partnering with El Monte to apply for the High Quality Transit Area Analysis Project, to develop HQTA Vision Plans that will identify active transportation improvements, redevelopment strategies, and implementation plans to help communities take full advantage of the transit investment, and tap into regional and state funding opportunities and technical support. The overall goal will be to develop plans that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and vehicle miles traveled.

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As part of a Metro grant, the City of El Monte will be working with SCAG and Metro staff to develop a study assessing the feasibility of creating tax increment financing districts [Community Revitalization and Investment Areas (CRIA) or Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts (EIFD)], which can help fund economic development and infrastructure.

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Billion Dollar Initiative

The City of El Monte is on the move. Learn about the current investments taking place throughout the community, including the Gateway development at El Monte Bus Station, Norms and the Downtown revitalization effort.

Billion Dollar Initiative
Gateway Development Proposal
"Is Norms restaurant really coming to El Monte this time?" [SGVT]

Invest in El Monte

Looking to become part of the El Monte community? We'd love to work with you, whether you're starting or growing your business, or looking to locate your new project in the city.

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Development Opportunity Sites

Sewer Replacement Improvement Project

The City of El Monte is planning to replace aging sewer mains in the Nevada Avenue - Bodger Street neighborhood. For more information, click the link below. 

Nevada Avenue - Bodger Street Sewer Replacement Improvement Project