Facilities, Special Programs & Events

The Facilities, Special Events and Programs Division provides and supports quality citywide special events and programs to the community. El Monte offers a multitude of activities, entertainment, and FUN in family friendly and safe environments. We hope to Capture the Spirit of El Monte and bring the community together for meaningful life experiences and beautiful family memories throughout the year.

Cultural Arts / Leisure Classes

The division creates a unique and dynamic environment in which arts, leisure and cultural resources attract the attention of its residents and enhance the cultural, recreational and economic life of El Monte. A variety of events, programs and classes are offered for free or for a nominal cost. Interested in participating in a hobby or new interest? We have a program for you!


Oversees the facility use of the various El Monte parks open space, shelters, fields and community facilities. Numerous schools, community organizations, county agencies and non-profit organizations and residents use City facilities to host events such as meetings, workshops, birthdays, and weddings!

Special Events

Various Special Events are organized and supported that continue to promote and build a sense of community and increase cultural unity throughout the city.

Special Programs

The Department works with various organizations to provide special programs that support the community with information, workshops, and resources. In partnership with the American Red Cross, the Division is liaison to the El Monte/South El Monte Emergency Preparedness Coalition.