Lobbyist Registration Program


On April 18, 2023, the City Council of the City of El Monte approved and adopted Ordinance No. 3022, amending Title 2 (Administration and Personnel) of the El Monte Municipal Code by adding a new Chapter 2.28 (Lobbyist) to establish Local Lobbyist Registration, Reporting, Disclosure Requirements and Prohibitions on the employment of lobbyist. 

Lobbyist Registration Information

All lobbyist must register, by filing a Lobbyist Registration Form with the City Clerk's Office within fifteen (15) days after qualifying as a lobbyist.  Lobbyist are required to submit a registration fee of $120.00.  Fees are due with submission of the completed Lobbyist Registration Form. 


Lobbyist will be required to file Semi-Annual reports by January 31st and July 31st with the City Clerk's Office. The failure to file a Semi-Annual report with the required disclosures is subject to penalty. 


Late submittal of Lobbyist Registration Form and/or Semi-Annual Reports may result in a late filing penalty of $25.00 per day with a maximum of $500.00 penalty.  

Questions regarding the Lobbyist Registration Program can be directed to the:

City Clerk's Office

City of El Monte

11333 Valley Boulevard

El Monte, CA 91731

Phone: (626) 580-2016   Fax: (626) 580-2274

Email: cityclerk@elmonteca.gov