The El Monte Police Chaplaincy Corps was established in 1997 when a couple of pastors from the community approached the Department and expressed interest in starting a chaplain’s program.


Currently there are twelve police chaplains now serving with the El Monte Police Department and the community of El Monte.

Services & Responsibilities

Your El Monte Police Chaplains are available to respond to your needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will provide spiritual, emotional, and moral support whenever requested.

The El Monte Police Department Chaplains provide the following services:

  • Counsel and give spiritual support to peace officers, their families, and other Department personnel
  • Visit sick and injured officers and department personnel at home and in hospitals
  • Assist officers in making death notifications
  • Provide assistance to victims and witnesses
  • Provide spiritual support for prisoners and their families
  • Provide services for funerals and weddings as requested
  • Offer prayers at special occasions, such as graduations, award ceremonies, and dedications
  • Serve as part of the "Area D" Crisis Response Team
  • Assist at suicide incidents
  • Provide transient and homeless spiritual support
  • Ride along with officers and help provide family domestic spiritual counseling